keep fresh food for what feels like forever

The reusable beeswax food wrap that breathes & protects. Abeego saves like no other.


Abeego picks up where the peel leaves off and preserves food following nature’s lead.

Like a peel or rind, Abeego protects and breathes. It shields food from air, light & moisture, while letting off-gas escape, creating the perfect environment to extend the life of food.

Every ingredient comes from the earth. Rest easy; Abeego is easy to use when you need it and disappears without a trace when you’re done.



Abeego meets the highest environmental and social standards and we're committed to using business as a Force For Food™ 

Easy to Use

The way you’ve always wanted food wrap to function.


Self adhesive and size variant, wrap everything from a single wedge of lime to the entire casserole dish.


Cold water and eco-friendly soap are key to long-lasting wraps. If unsoiled, simply fold and put away.


With regular use and proper care, they’ll last for a year. That’s countless foods & meals saved.


Tested & trusted by kitchens for over a decade, here’s what our beeswax wrap community has to say:

"My green onions and dill were perfectly intact, with the same freshness even after a full week! It really is a great investment if you want to 
stop wasting food."
"When i first got the cabbage it took two large wraps to cover it. But now almost 2 weeks later only 1 is necessary and that cabbage is crispier now that when i got it. AMAZING!"
"This product is not only environmentally friendly, it works. We wanted to eliminate our plastic garbage and have our food last longer, this has done that Thanks Abeego."
"I wrapped a part head of cauliflower in one of your wraps and forgot about it. A moth later I remembered it and it looked and tasted as good as the day I bought it. Thank you."
"So multi purpose! My second half of the avocado has never looked so good!"
"I love Abeego wraps! I have tried other brands and these are by far the best ones out there. I have used them to cover all sorts of food from cheese to bread to cut up fruits and veggies. They really work and are super easy to clean. Thank you for making such an amazing product!"

Wrap everything from the largest salad bowl to a halved lime. Create your kitchen collection.

Variety Food Wraps

From a halved apple to a halved watermelon, the Variety Wrap Set contains a Small, Medium and Large wrap for all your food-saving needs.

Small Food Wraps

Save sliced citrus, onions and avocados. As a 6” square, the Small size fits snuggly atop your smallest nesting bowl.

Medium Food Wraps

Wrap blocks of brie, halved honeydews, and pieces of papaya. As a 10” square, the Medium covers your middle-sized nesting bowl.

Large Food Wraps

Protect bundles of beets, heaps of herbs, and a batch of baking. As a 13” square, the Large covers your biggest nesting bowl.

Giant Food Wrap

Swaddle stems of celery, baked bread, and stacks of Swiss chard. At 13” x 24”, the Giant covers your favorite casserole dish.


All ingredients have been hand-picked for their synergy to keep food living for longer than ever imagined.


Water Resistant, Air Resistant, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial

Tree Resin

Antiseptic, Tacky

Jojoba Oil

Antifungal, Long Shelf Life, Flexible

Hemp & Organic Cotton

Pesticide-Free, Antifungal, Durable, Malleable

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In The News

"“Our culture tells entrepreneurs to fake it till you make it, but that’s nonsense,” says Toni Desrosiers, a former nutritionist and inventor of Abeego, a beeswax wrap that keeps food fresh and plastic wrap out of landfills."
Oprah Magazine
"Our winning food wraps, a three-piece set made by Abeego. They were durable and retained their clinging ability after more than 10 washes."
America's Test Kitchen
"Toni Desrosiers, founder of Abeego beeswax wraps, wants people to start thinking about the natural life cycle of food."
"Beeswax-coated fabric is designed to be washed (in cold water) and reused many times, and it will completely biodegrade when you’re done with it."
Fast Company
"“I love using beeswax wraps,” says Ferwa Chevel Khalfan, founder of Aristos, a lifestyle platform. “These are insanely useful and hold up really nicely. Abeego are the best from the few that I’ve tried out. I haven’t bought a roll of cling wrap in over a year.”"
"I wrap cheeses in them, use them to wrap up half an avocado, or lay them over the tops of baking dishes or bowls."
Washington Post