How to Store Cauliflower

Keep Cauliflower Alive for longer with Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap


Forget about how to keep your cauliflower fresh. Instead, let’s talk about how to keep cauliflower alive

Cauliflower is rife with life and teeming with nutrients. Abeego keeps these nutrients tucked into your food so when you’re ready to eat it, you’re getting food that has retained its vital nutrients. Take care of your food that takes care of you!

But don’t take our word for it:

“We bought a giant Abeego a few weeks ago and the first thing we used it for was a huge cauliflower. It took the two of us about ten days to eat it all and there was not a brown spot on it.” - Heather C. via Facebook

Enjoy your cauliflower to the very last floret! Keep reading to learn how you too can relish in the victory of perfectly preserved cauliflower:

We’ll show you:

  • What happened to cauliflower in our test kitchen (it’s shocking!)
  • How to store cauliflower for longer at home
  • How to choose the best cauliflower
  • Our favorite way to eat cauliflower as an entree, plus a recipe!


We pitted Abeego against using nothing when storing a cauliflower in the fridge, one half saved in Abeego, the other without Abeego. 

Look at the difference after 6 days! 

Cauliflower wrapped in Abeego VS Cauliflower left bare

Wrapped in Abeego, the curds on the left are firm and large with still perky greens. The shrinkage in the naked cauliflower on the right is dramatically noticeable! The curds also felt rubbery, the florets separated, and the greens wilted. 

Abeego wrapped cauliflower retained 12x more moisture
In numbers, the Abeego-wrapped cauliflower retained 12x more moisture, having lost only 0.65% of its original weight, versus the unwrapped cauliflower, which lost 7.5% of its weight.

Why Abeego works
Comprised of 92% water, cauliflower is susceptible to rapid dehydration, which is why grocery stores wrap it in plastic. However, and we can’t stress this enough, your cauliflower is alive and it needs to breathe! Those brown spots on cauliflower? It’s oxidation as a result moisture build up or bruising. 

Here’s how Abeego works: 

1. Abeego acts like nature’s peel, such as a lemon peel with pores to breathe while it protects its juicy core at the same time. 

2. Wrapped in Abeego, your cauliflower can breathe like it needs to. At the same time, it’s protected from drying out too quickly.

3. Cauliflower wrapped in Abeego means firm, white, nutritious curds for longer than any other way you’ve tried to save it. 

While brown spots on cauliflower are not harmful to ingest--unless they’ve turned dark, mushy, or smells off. Abeego protects and slows down cauliflower from aging.

How to store cauliflower to keep it alive for longer naturally with Abeego beeswax food wrap

How to Use Abeego for Cauliflower
A Large Abeego suits a half cauliflower, whereas a Giant Abeego is recommended for a whole head. Fold and mold around it and press firmly as Abeego sticks to itself. Or roll it up and bunch or twist the ends. There’s no wrong way.

For more wrap inspiration, check out our Abeego YouTube channel


While white cauliflower is the most common, there are hundreds of varieties enjoyed worldwide in almost every color of the rainbow. 

Leaves on
Look for cauliflower with leaves on if possible. The fresher the cauliflower, the perkier the leaves. 

Firm curds
If plastic-wrapped is the only variety at hand, choose cauliflower with firm curds with no sponginess. A freshly harvested cauliflower is heavy and free of brown spots.

At home, swaddle that cauliflower baby in Abeego so it can live its best life. Abeego’s breathable environment will maintain a firm and nutritious cauliflower.


Edible leaves
Did you know the whole cauliflower is edible? In the process of getting the cauliflower from farm to store, the leaves are commonly cut away in favor of protecting the head in plastic. If you can find cauliflower with leaves attached, try them roasted with a little olive oil and salt. You can thank us later! They can also be wrapped up and saved for your future soup stock.

Save cauliflower stalks and leaves | Eat cauliflower as the main dish | Abeego beeswax wraps

Roast and eat it whole
Cauliflower is the flavor of the month as low-carb mashed potatoes and pizza crust. Yet the true beauty of this cruciferous beast deserves to be devoured in its glorious wholeness and, dare we add, as the main dish! We simply adore this elevated cauliflower recipe from The First Mess, which places cauliflower at the center of the table.

Romesco roasted whole cauliflower with herbed tahini cream is stuffed, basted, and roasted to render a beautiful and bright crust that you won’t be able to wait to sink your teeth into. 

Celebrate the vibrancy of vegetables for the nutrient packed powerhouses that they are.

Abeego Tip: Recipes are a wonderful source of inspiration to create your own concoction based on what you have on hand without the need to run to the store.

  • Rethink Entrees
  • Celebrate the vibrancy of vegetables for the nutrient packed powerhouses that they are. Our planet can benefit from everyone enjoying a plant-based main dish on a regular basis.

  • Cauliflower Gifts
  • Imagine receiving a gift basket with a Giant Abeego, a beautiful cauliflower, a recipe card and all the fixings to make romesco roasted cauliflower. What a delicious way to highlight the preciousness of food.


    Beeswax wrap food covers | Abeego is the best beeswax food wrap

    do you have a favorite cauliflower recipe? tell us in the comments. 
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