How to Keep Mushrooms Fresh

How to Keep Mushrooms Fresh
Welcome to the Abeego Test Kitchen where we explore food storage methods to understand and preserve the life of our fresh living food. Abeego is the original beeswax food wrap that breathes. Reusable for a year, Abeego keeps food fresh for longer than ever imagined.


Forget fresh, Keep Mushrooms Alive.

Chanterelles, Portabellos, Creminis, oh my! The varieties, flavors and health benefits of these fun guys are endless. 

Spongy mushrooms have lost their will to live and often end up in the compost. When we toss them, we also toss all of the energy and resources put into growing, harvesting and transporting them. 

Good news! It’s possible (and shockingly easy) to keep food fresher for longer so it ends up in our bellies rather than the compost.

Say goodbye to the shrivelled & squishy, and say hello to vibrant, plump mushrooms with Abeego reusable food wrap. Dig in with us to see how to preserve mushrooms for longer with Abeego. 


Our Method
In our experiments, we tested white button mushrooms and portobello mushrooms. We stored some in Abeego and some in the classic paper bag method, all on the upper shelf of the fridge. The difference in results were astounding! 

Our Results
After 7 days, the paper-bagged white button mushrooms had retained 72% of their moisture and felt spongy. The Abeego-wrapped mushrooms were still firm and had retained 96% of their moisture. That’s over 8X more moisture than the mushrooms in the paper bag!

After 6 days, the paper-bagged portobello mushrooms had retained 82% of their moisture. The gills also felt dry and hard to the touch. The Abeego-wrapped portobellos had gills that felt soft & velvety and they had retained 97% of their moisture That’s over 6X more moisture than the mushrooms in the paper bag!



Our Why
Abeego acts as a second skin for mushrooms, shielding them from air, light & moisture, while also letting off-gas escape, creating the perfect environment to extend their lifespan.

Win at Home
Grab your Large or Giant Abeego food wrap and fold into a pouch to keep bulk mushrooms together or toss your favorite mushroom variety in a bowl and cover with Abeego. Keeping mushrooms fresh really is as simple as that. 





A frittata, egg scramble or hash are some of the most versatile dishes when it comes to using up ingredients you have on hand to stop your compost from piling high. Our favorite as of late is Mash & Spread’s Shredded Potato Hash with Spinach, Sausage & Egg. Add your Creminis, Shiitakes or Chanterelles and devour them in this flavorful dish. 

Another recipe allowing for mushroom creativity is Food Waste Feast’s Endlessly Customizable Fried Rice (hot tip: you can dig into this one without mushrooms, too!).

And of course, what is pizza without mushrooms? Our Three Ingredient Pizzas are our favorite flavor guidelines on how to build your own za with the earthy palate-awakening flavor of these fungi.