How to Store Cheese

How to Store Cheese

Do you swoon for Port Salut or long for Limburger? With the history of cheese dating back 8,000 years across many cultures, it’s no wonder so many of us feel deeply connected to it. Not to mention it’s so delicious!

An important form of sustenance, for many millennia, cheese is life-giving because it’s alive—and it needs to breathe! Rescue your cheese from airtight packaging and wrap in Abeego. Like nature’s own peel and rind, Abeego breathes and protects to give cheese its best life.

Love cheese? Dig in! We’ll show you:

  • How Abeego works to save cheese
  • How to wrap and protect your cheese with Abeego
  • Quick cheese keeping tips
  • Troubleshoot common cheese saving issues

Say cheese, because you’ll be all smiles with Abeego.


How to wrap cheese | protect cheese with Abeego breathable wrap



Higher quality cheese comes with its own rind or wax that naturally protects and breathes. Cutting it breaks this protective barrier, making it susceptible to mold from its rind, and able to absorb surrounding flavors, both of which can affect taste. While all cheese loses moisture as it ages, lack of a rind can age it too quickly.

However, protecting cheese in airtight containers or wraps causes bacterial growth and good cheese bacteria builds creating a stinky ammonia smell.

For the love of Gouda, SAVE THE CHEESE!

Keeping cheese is a balancing act. Have no fear. You have Abeego.

Abeego shields your precious Parmigiano Reggiano to mimic a cheese rind that protects flavor and slows premature aging.

Any cheesemonger worth their weight in brie uses breathable cheese paper. Abeego is your reusable cheese paper that allows your cheese breathe while it traps odors, wicks away excess moisture, and hinders its natural aging process.

Abeego gives you the power to save your cheese naturally because all of our ingredients are pure and unrefined.


Maybe you didn’t even know your cheese needed to be saved. That’s okay. You’re here now and we’re happy to show how to save both hard and soft with Abeego.


How to save hard cheese

Double wrap hard cheese in Large Abeego to slow down its natural moisture loss. Then, store it in a humid part of your fridge, such as the cheese or vegetable drawer, and crank up the humidity if you have the option.

How to save soft cheese

Protect soft cheese in a Medium Abeego to hold its shape. Wrap goat cheese like a bonbon and cushion brie with firm and gentle folds.

Tips to save all cheese

  • Rescue your cheese from plastic! Rewrap it in Abeego as soon as it’s home from the store. 
  • Keep cheese in the crisper, cheese drawer, and toward the top of the fridge. Cheese doesn’t like to get too cold.
  • Don’t store cheese on the door. The frequent opening and closing can create an unstable environment.  
  • Cheese is tastiest at room temperature. With a clean board and knife, cut cold cheese and wrap up the remainder immediately. Not only will this extend the life of the cheese it’ll also extend the life of your Abeego, since oils from warmer cheeses may seep.

Want to learn more cheese storage tips? Epicurious and Spruce Eats offer their tips for storing cheese. Simply insert Abeego for every mention of cheese paper!

How to choose the best Abeego size for your cheese

Medium Abeego keeps most cheese

Large Abeego to double wrap dry cheeses and cover a cheese plate

Giant Abeego to drape over charcuterie platters before guests arrive

How to wrap a cheese and apple snack to go with Abeego beeswax wraps

A Large Abeego makes the perfect wrap for a to-go fruit and cheese picnic in the same wrap!


Are you used to keeping your cheese airtight? Be a cheese-saving champion and let it breathe new life with Abeego. Your cheese will live longer and have a more robust flavor and texture.

Other factors that affect the life and taste of your cheese include:

  • Quality: preservative and dye free cheeses are more stable and age naturally
  • Protection: how was the cheese stored prior to purchase?
  • Age: how old is the cheese and what is the expected lifespan for that variety?
  • Climate: the temperature and humidity of your fridge
  • Mold: spores on other foods, hands, or your fridge can transfer to your cheese

Cheese is one of the most popular foods our community loves to save in Abeego. Here are the most common questions we see:

How do I keep my cheese from drying out?

Hard cheese is tricky because it has a lower moisture content and moisture loss is simply a part of cheese’s natural aging process. If you’re concerned about it drying too quickly, double wrap your hard cheese and keep in a humid section of your fridge. Color, texture and flavor change as cheese ages—like a fine wine! Dry cheese? Try it! We prefer to let our old cheddar age a bit longer for some extra bite!

How do I keep my cheese from molding?

If your cheese has mold, ensure anything that comes into contact with your cheese is clean to avoid contamination. Mold may also indicate too much humidity. Wrap it loosely in your Abeego to allow for more air. If you find your food in your fridge in general molds quickly, it’s time to spring clean the whole plastic box!

How do I store smelly cheese?

Even if you love a good stinky cheese, you may not want your whole fridge to smell like a cheese shop. Abeego keeps strong aromas under wraps even as the cheese breathes. However, keeping a very strong-smelling stilton can leave an trail on your Abeego. Washing it immediately after will minimize this and some keep a designated stilton Abeego.

My Abeego isn’t working anymore:

If you find your cheese aging faster than it once did in your Abeego it might be time to refresh it. If the coating is threadbare, it becomes more breathable and protects less. If your Abeego is thin, floppy, and no longer holds its shape, we recommend adding to your collection. On average with regular use, Abeego works its best for about a year.


Shred parmesan and save in Abeego beeswax wrap | reusable cheese wrap


Before you cut your hard cheese, consider this (prepare to have your mind blown): instead of slicing it from the same side every time, eat your way around the cheese.

Drying occurs on the outside, so eat your way in. This will create a stronger flavor profile, you genius foodie, you!


Abeego is the ultimate reusable cheese paper. Impress your friends at your next wine-and-cheese and share your cheese-saving wins!

There are so many types of cheese, we don’t have all the answers on how each performs. Become an #AbeegoExplorer and please share your findings with us on Instagram.


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