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    Shop Abeego food wraps - the simplest of kitchen tools with the greatest of impacts.

    Our tried and true food wraps Keep Food Alive for longer than you ever thought possible. Promise.

    CHAMPION KIT 4-PACK Kit out your kitchen with all sizes at the best value
    $68.00 CAD — ADD TO CART
    3 VARIETY FOOD WRAPS The perfect starter pack or gift for under $20
    $18.00 CAD — ADD TO CART
    FIRESTARTERS Perfect for camping, wood stoves, and fireplaces
    $4.00 CAD — ADD TO CART
    3 MEDIUM FOOD WRAPS Perfect for herbs, cheese, and cover small bowls
    $18.00 CAD — ADD TO CART
    2 LARGE FOOD WRAPS Perfect for broccoli, carrots, and cover salad bowls
    $18.00 CAD — ADD TO CART
    6 SMALL FOOD WRAPS Perfect for half cut avocados, citrus, and atop a jar
    $18.00 CAD — ADD TO CART
    1 GIANT FOOD WRAP Perfect for bread, celery, and cover casserole dishes
    $18.00 CAD — ADD TO CART
    VARIETY 12-PACK Save $18 and keep your gift-giving closet stocked
    $198.00 CAD — ADD TO CART