How to Keep Avocado from Going Brown

We’ve all been there–waking up super excited for a second-day avocado toast, only to find that the half of the avocado we ate yesterday has now gone completely brown. Yuck. Fear not, we have the solution to keeping your precious avos from heading down to brown town.

How Abeego Keeps Avocados Alive

Ever noticed that wrapping your avocado in plastic doesn’t do much to prevent browning? That’s because even though too much exposure to oxygen can lead to rot, fruit still needs to breathe. Avocado skin (and other fruit peels and skins) has pores and intakes small amounts of oxygen. Abeego, unlike airtight plastic solutions, mimics the skin found on the outside of the avocado to keep the avocado fresher, longer.

How to Keep Avocado Halves Alive in Abeego 

STEP 1: Choose to store the pit side of the avocado. Leave the pit in.

STEP 2: Place the exposed side of the avocado face down on Abeego.

STEP 3: Wrap the Abeego around the avocado, squeezing it tightly shut.

Voila! You can wash, wrap and reuse your Abeego to keep all the foods in your kitchen fresh!




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