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    Save wine with Abeego and let it breathe 

    Abeego reusable food wrap protects and breathes. The result? Fresher food (and wine!) for longer than ever imagined.

    Uncover, pour, cover, repeat. 


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    1. Cover your wine bottle to let it breathe

    2. Wrap cut lemons and limes for your afternoon's G&T

    3. Cover your wine glass to enjoy outside and keep fruit flies at bay

    4. Store overnight oats in a mason jar, cover with Abeego

    5. Wrap the cut end of your cucumber - it won't even notice it's missing

    6. Cover your bottle of champagne to keep to bubbly for your next celebration

    7. Collect olive pits from your charcuterie board picnic to take home to your compost

    8. Wrap that half shallot for easy dinner prep tomorrow

    9. Cover your bowls of dips and salsas to keep fresh until your guests arrive

    10. Wrap sliced apples or oranges for tomorrow's snack