How to Store Tomatoes

Tomato, fig and peach buratta salad | Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap

It was during a conversation with a customer that our Founder and CEO Toni Desrosiers had a realization. “But what happens to the Abeego when my tomato goes slimy?” the customer asked. Toni had been using Abeego for so long she forgot that her experience of how food behaves is so different from those who have been raised and trained using “lock and seal” methods of saving food.

“In Abeego, tomatoes don’t behave that way,” explained Toni. “Slimy tomatoes are a result of airtight environments, like plastic wrap.”

Think about how saving food in airtight ways may have shaped your understanding of food. Mind blowing, right? Using Abeego for the first time comes with a bit of a learning curve as you get to know your food and understand how it acts more deeply.

Say HELLO to plump, juicy, refreshingly tasty tomatoes bursting with flavor and nutrition for longer than ever imagined.

This is your life with Abeego! So pull up a chair and dig into tomatoes with us in this blog post. We’ve got:

  • The best and easiest way to store cut tomatoes and whole tomatoes
  • Stunning stats about how a tomato wrapped in Abeego compares to an unwrapped tomato
  • What to look for when choosing the perfect tomato
  • The most delicious way to serve tomatoes


 Forget fresh. Keep Tomatoes Alive!

How to store tomatoes and keep them fresh | Abeego reusable beeswax food wrap that breathes

Cut tomatoes

With Abeego against the cut side as a new skin, your tomato won’t even notice it’s cut! Use a Small Abeego to cover the cut side and place face up in your fridge. Alternatively, place in a small bowl, face up, and cover with Abeego. Your tomato can breathe while it’s protected like its own skin. For tomato halves, a Small Abeego will be a perfect fit.

Whole tomatoes

Abeego acts like a protective second skin for thin-skinned tomatoes. 

Tomatoes not quite ripe? We love fried green tomatoes and much as the next guy, however, if you’d like to them to continue to ripen, Abeego is your hero. As part of their ripening process, tomatoes release ethylene gas. Keep them in a bowl covered in Abeego or wrapped loosely directly on the counter (not the fridge!) and your tomatoes will ripen beautifully as they breathe.

Juicy, plump and ready to eat? Keep them wrapped up and in the fridge (yes, fridge). The cool temperatures will slow down ripening while Abeego protects and preserves their flavor. Cover bowls with a Large Abeego or make a bag by using a Giant Abeego.

Abeego tip: Tomatoes on your counter? Don’t worry about fruit flies! Wrap Abeego snugly around the bowl to keep them out. Cover your entire fruit bowl, compost container, or a glass of wine.



The results from out Tomato Test are pretty juicy! 

Tomatoes wrapped in Abeego retain 8 times more moisture than unwrapped tomatoes | beeswax food wrap

Half tomatoes wrapped in Abeego retained 11X more moisture than unwrapped tomatoes.

Our Method

We cut a Roma tomato in half, wrapped one half in Abeego and the other face down on a plate, and weighed them. In our second test we left the uncovered tomato half face up. We weighed the tomatoes again after 6 days. We kept all tomatoes in the fridge.

Our Results

The Abeego wrapped tomato half retained 98.37% of its moisture, 11X more than the uncovered, face up tomato, and 4X more than the uncovered, face down tomato.

The yummy juices of the tomato on the plate spilled out, while the face up tomato quickly withered and dried, leaving a tough cut side.

Our Why

Abeego provides a second-skin for thin-skinned tomatoes. Cut or whole, all tomatoes benefit from an extra layer of protection that also allows them to breathe. When cut, Abeego left the flesh juicy and delicious, like the tomato’s very own skin. And more nutritious! Lost moisture leads to lost nutrients as well.

Win at Home

In a bowl or on its own, keep tomatoes alive by wrapping in Abeego cut side up and in the fridge. Overripe whole tomatoes? Protect them in Abeego and store in the fridge to slow them down. Not ripe enough? Store tomatoes under wraps and on the counter. 


If you can get ‘em, there’s nothing like fresh tomatoes at the height of ripeness plucked right off the plant, bursting with sweet juices warmed by the sun.

When bought at the grocery store, you can almost guarantee they were picked before they were ripe so they can travel the distance. Yet when bought in season, local, farm-direct tomatoes are easy to find, ensuring a more tasty tomato! 

Aubergine Corner Market, Victoria, BC | Farm-direct produce | Abeego reusable food wrap that breathes

Visit your farmers’ market or green grocer to hunt for the vibrant, colorful hues of plump heirloom tomatoes. These jewels from the garden are richer than all the rubies in our world! Look for deeply tinted tomatoes with smooth skins and void of deep cracks. If you’re not planning to eat right away, then choose tomatoes free from bruises and dents. Use your instincts and we’re certain you’ll pick some winners!

Abeego tip: Juicy, plump tomatoes have a thin skin ready to burst with flavor. Help them keep it together until you get home - gently wrap in Abeego to provide an extra layer of protection in your market basket.


Tomatoes are the stars of the late-summer show, and shine the brightest in meals where they’re given the limelight.  Create the most amazing salad by following your senses: what in-season fruits look delectable, imagine flavor combinations, take in herbal scents -- then throw it all together. Drizzle with honey, a special vinegar, and olive oil. Sprinkle with salt, spices, edible petals, or nuts. 

In our trip to the market, we grabbed luscious fresh figs, basil, soft burrata and peaches then drizzled with olive oil and honey from Melliflera Bees. It tasted as good as it looks! Throw this together, cover with Abeego, then unveil for dinner guests!

Burrata Salad with Tomatoes | Abeego | Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap that Breathes

  • Understand Your Food
  • If you haven’t saved a particular food in Abeego before, forget everything you learned about airtight containers! Keep an open mind and explore. Then share your discoveries with us! We don’t know everything and we love to learn.

  • Share Tomatoes
  • Give the tomato lovers in your life the gift of juicy tomatoes! Make a bag from your Giant Abeego and share the tomato harvest.

    do you have a favorite tomato recipe? tell us in the comments!
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